Preparing For University

Dear Alyssa,
I am graduating high school this year, and I recently got acceptance letters to universities. I am debating between two universities, one is close to home and the other one is three hours away. I want to choose the one closer to home, because I want to stay closer to my family, but I also want to go to the one that is further because of the better program choice. What should I do?
Academic Dilemma

Hi Academic Dilemma,
You should talk to your parents and other people you know and ask for their opinions. However, the program is a big reason to choose which university to go to. If you are financially stable, then go for the university that is further as it has the program you want. Plus, you get to experience how it is like to live away from home and know that there are thousands of other people your age who will be doing the same. If you are not financially/emotionally stable, maybe staying at home is better for you. For now, talk to your parents about it, and hopefully they can help you make a decision.
Good Luck,

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