Journal Entry: At Alcoholics Anonymous


Today we had an Alcoholics Anonymous session at the hospital. I chose to watch how things pan out and it is very interesting. People from all different age groups and racial backgrounds came out.

What surprised me the most was the 10 year old who came. Yes, a 10 year old. He told his story about his dad who is an alcoholic, and has been arrested several times for drinking and driving. Plus, his health is failing on him too. This 10 year old is very mature and brave for his age, and I was so impressed at his speech during this meeting.

My thoughts about AA is that it was very interesting and I liked listening to these stories. Although it may seem to be a little strange and depressing, at the end, the people who showed up become happy. It’s great to see that in the beginning, they have all these depressing stories to share, but then the story has a happy ending. AA is a great help!

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