Journal Entry: Classroom Project


I just finished up my experience at the Classroom Program at CAMH. I was involved with the children of the mental hospital today.

They ranged between the ages of 6-10.  I was surprised to see that these young kids have mental disorders in such as young age. One child has schizophrenia and was often dazed out, looking at the ceiling and talking to herself. She had a special counselor watch her.

Anyway, I was paired up with one child in particular who suffers from ADHD. I was trying to read some books to him, and he kept running off, distracted by other things. I tried to calm him down, but it was quite difficult. His counselor was there, but she was in the background, watching me learn how to deal with these children. I tried my best to bring him back to sit down and listen to me read, but it was too difficult. His counselor saw me struggle, and took over. That shift of mine cut short, but at least I got to experience how it is like to deal with an ADHD child.

I hope tomorrow will be better. Everyday, there has been challenge after challenge.

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