Smoking: A Bad Habit

Hi Alyssa,
I’ve been a heavy smoker for many years now. I want to quit but it’s very hard to. This habit has been an ongoing problem and is now affecting my friends and family. They are breathing in my scent, which is not good and it’s a danger for all of us. I consider myself to be pretty healthy (I’m a pretty young person). But I know that down the road, I may suffer. 

Bad Habit Smoker

Hi Bad Habit Smoker,
I understand that quitting smoking or any bad habit is difficult. However, if you start now and begin a slow process of healing, you will meet your goal. You cannot heal yourself over night, it takes time. 
Smoking is more than a physical illness, but also a mental illness. You should seek a mental professional to help you. 
Have you tried Nicorette or other smoking substitutes? Those can help you with changing your habits. 
Remember that quitting now is better than quitting ‘down the road’. You know that this habit is bad, and when you keep building up the habit everyday, you will go through an explosion (not literally…). What I’m trying to say is, that you can suddenly breakdown (at the hospital). I’m not trying to scare you! But if you want to quit, attend therapy sessions or talk to people you love. 

Hope you get better.


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