Shocking Surprise on ADHD/ Update on my life

I came across this video today:

Throughout my experiences at the mental hospital, I’ve been a significant amount of people who have ADHD. After watching this video, I have come to realized how much advertising goes into making ADHD treatments sell. It made me think twice on the truth of ADHD… could it be misdiagnosed? Are people are just giving it to medications? Although these treatments end up working, there is constant debate in the diagnosis of ADHD.

I personally think doctors should rethink on what they are diagnosing and what they are prescribing. Only what is necessary should exist, and people who have ADHD are eventually the victims in this  situation.

After this thought, I’ve been thinking of talking to some people about what should be put into these kinds of mental diagnosis. Maybe rethinking and reevaluating the mental healthcare system can be thought through.

In other news, I will be starting day 1 of my observations of a bi polar patient.. I talked about him (Michael) in my previous post..
Well, off to do some more research and volunteering!


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