Day 1: Bipolar Project

So for those who don’t know, I am doing this volunteer position for school credit. Part of it is to take on a full on project, and I happen to be placed in the Bipolar project.

I met Michael a couple days ago, who has Bipolar Disorder. I had a conversation with him, along with a professional psychologist. It was definitely not your average conversation, Michael kept changing his mood constantly. He started out happy as he talked about his family, but suddenly turned mad when he talked about how his parents treat him. Apparently, he doesn’t understand that his parents are trying to help him, not make his life worse. Michael suddenly turned excited as he soon talked about his life at the mental hospital…apparently he said that he liked the environment and the doctors.

However, his turning point was when he suddenly turned angry again as he suddenly thought about his life at school and how kids used to tease him. He flipped his chair, and became physically violent. Soon doctors had to come and control him.

After this experience, I felt very uncomfortable and thought twice about this bipolar project I agreed to volunteer in.
I guess I shouldn’t be too negative. I hope that tomorrow will be a better day.


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