Day 2: Bipolar Project

I went to see Michael again today. We both visited the psychologist and apparently, he has been diagnosed with a higher form of bipolar disorder. It is called Cyclothymia, and NO it does not relate to this…


It is basically a serious form of bipolar disorder, and needs much more attention and care.
His mood has seriously been up and down lately, and when I met up with him, he was seriously depressed. He lost his appetite, and he just laid in his bed.
The psychologists try to cheer him up, by doing some art therapy

Art therapy apparently helps control his moods.

However, it was very saddening to see. He wouldn’t even pick up the pencil crayons or attempt to draw anything.
I was having second thoughts about this bi polar project, and hoping that it would get better today. Maybe it will get better tomorrow.



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