Day 3: Bipolar Project

So I think I am going to break down soon.

The bipolar project yesterday did not turn out well. First, Michael was already out of control, throwing furniture across the room and almost physically hurting the psychologists. I actually stepped outside the room for some time and watched through the window.


Later, the psychologists took him outside the room and I followed. We went to another room, with lots of wiring and a bed. There were some other contraptions that I have never seen before.

Then the psychologists put him on the bed (and it was quite a struggle). One of the psychologists told to me pass some tools, and then he attached a headband around his head.
I knew what was going to happen now…it quickly reminded me of the movie…One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest…

The sight was quite scary and painful to see. At least Michael became stable. But during the time of the electroshock, he moved around a lot. He also screamed and moved his head furiously.

After the electroshock therapy, I made my way home. I began to think about what had happened and my volunteer experience. I was beginning to have second thoughts of being here. I consider myself a positive thinker but after this experience, I feel like quitting. I think I will see my volunteer supervisor tomorrow and talk to her.


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