Decisions, decisions…

I went to the mental hospital today and talked to my supervisor. We had a long conversation on whether or not I should stay as a volunteer. I know that it is for school credit, but I shouldn’t just think that getting this credit is the only reason I am here. I could possibly pursue a career in this field!

My supervisor said that I only need a few more days to complete this credit. She also told me not to take things too harshly and not to be too worried. When entering a field like this, she said that I have there will be times of disappointment, and not every situation will have a happy ending. She also said that I am a great person to work with, and I could potentially be offered a job after I graduate.

Personally, I agree with her, but at the same time, I don’t know if I can handle these situations. Studying psychology really interests me, but when it comes to the negative side of dealing with patients, I get worried and anxious.

What am I to do? Stay or leave? If I stay, I will get the school credit for sure, and the experience, but I really can’t handle this pressure any more and the patients are going insane… it’s making me go insane!



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